5 Best Recliners for Back Pain: Detailed Reviews

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Sitting down for long times can cause back pain regardless of age. Yet, the chairs you sit on can have a major impact on improving or worsening your back pain.

Recliners are one of the most comfortable options for people to relax in. Its soft pillow and adjustable footrest make it the ultimate chair to have in your household.

Most people choose recliners for the comfort they provide but, choosing the wrong one might even worsen back pain. That’s why you need to choose a recliner that provides proper back, neck, and lumbar support.

In this post, we reviewed the 5 best recliners for back pain and how to buy the best recliner for your back pain.

Best Picks

If you’re in a hurry, check out our top picks at a glance:

Esright Massage Recliner

Homall Single Recliner Chair

Signature Design by Ashley Yandel Recliner

Best Overall Recliner

  • Highly Durable

  • Includes vibrating, heating, and massage functions

  • Thick sponge provides back and neck pain relief 

Best Affordable Recliner for Back Pain

  • Made with faux leather

  • Affordable price

  • Wide curved armrests

  • Suitable for most sizes

Best Power-lift Recliner for Back Pain

  • Super comfortable chair with durable metal frame

  • Power-lift funcitonality for getting in and out of chair

  • Includes ports for charging


Are Recliners Good for Back Pain?

Recliners are great for back pain due to their adjustable back and footrest function. With proper lumbar support and high-quality material, reclining on a recliner can reduce pressure on the spine and ease your back when sitting down.

Apart from lowering pressure on the back, they also provide other health benefits such as:

  • Better blood circulation
  • Proper alignment of the spine
  • Help maintain correct posture
  • Reduce back pain, muscle pain, and joint pain

You can learn more by reading our article on recliners and their relation with back pain.

Despite the above benefits, sitting for long hours on a recliner can increase back pain. But, you can avoid this risk by knowing what to look for in a recliner and choosing the one best for back pain relief.

Buyer’s Guide – How to Buy a Recliner for Back Pain?

Here are some of the things to consider when looking for the best recliners for back pain


With furniture items, you shouldn’t compromise on the quality of the material. Recliners come in many types, but for back pain you need to find one that is comfortable and durable.

There are two things to look for when looking at the material: finishing and filling.

The finishing is the outer material of the recliner chair. We’ve seen that leather recliners outclass other recliners when it comes to durability and comfort. If you have pets in your home, then it can be wise to choose a microfiber recliner as they’re easier to clean.

As for the filling, it is the insides of the cushioning. You need to make sure that the cushions are soft and comfortable. High-quality soft material found in recliners include memory foam, which depresses and matches your body as you sit down.


Recliners take up a big part of your house and stand out in the room. For this reason, it’s important to choose a recliner chair that is comfortable but looks good at the same time. Look in your living room and find a recliner that matches the color scheme and vibe of your current setup.

Most modern recliners have a stylish finish and a minimalistic design. Those fit perfectly if you’re going for a minimalistic vibe. If you’re more old-fashioned, there are many contemproray recliners that provide great back pain relief as well.

Controls & Modes

Functionality should be a top priority when looking for a recliner specifically for back pain. Recliners come with different modes like massaging, vibration, and heating. These modes provide you with extra comfort and added back relief.

To get the best recliner for back pain, we highly suggest buying a chair that has at least one of these controls. Although a recliner with added control is expensive, your back will thank you for it in the long-run.

Lumbar Support

The lumbar is the lower back region of your body. Lower back pain is the most common type of back pain, so having adequate lumbar support for your recliner is essential.

To ensure proper lumbar support, you need to find a recliner that fits your body. A recliner has good lumbar support when there’s no gap between your lower back and the back of the recliner.

If you’re buying a recliner online, then it can be difficult to judge how well it fits your body. To make the process of choosing the right recliner easy, some brands may categorize them into the following body types:

  • Petite Body Type (5’4″ & Under)
  • Small Body Type (5’5″ – 5’9″)
  • Tall Body Type (5’10” – 6’2″)
  • Extra Tall Body Type (6’3″ & Up)

Even if you order the recliner and notice it isn’t the right size, don’t panic. You can find a cheap lumbar support pillow that can help adjust your back with the recliner.

Extra Features

Some recliners offer extra features, modes, and upgrades that enhance your recliner chair. These features can include things like, added side cushions, vibration control, built-in USB ports, and more.

Although these features don’t necessarily help with back pain, they can be great to have. Keep in mind that the more features a chair has, the more it’ll cost. So, be sure to foucs on the features you really want to avoid blowing past your budget.

5 Best Recliners for Back Pain: Reviews with Pros & Cons

We discuss 5 of the best recliners for back pain in detail with pros and cons below.

1. Esright Massage Recliner Chair: Best Overall Recliner for Back Pain

Esright massage recliner chair with black faux leather


  • Made with durable, composite material
  • Various modes to target back pain: heating, vibrating, and massaging
  • Affordable price and great value for money
  • Soft thick sponge head and armrest providing back and neck pain relief
  • Includes motion options such as 360 degree swivel, rocking, and reclining


  • Latch issue makes it harder to close footrest overtime
  • May make rattling noise with massage function on

If you’re looking for a recliner that stands the test of the time, the Esright Massage Recliner Chair is a great option. It’s made with composite leather that’s easy to clean and a thick sponge back cushion with armrests making it comfortable to sit on for hours.

It comes with 5 different back relief features: heating, vibrating, reclining, rocking, and 360 degree swivel. Its 5 different vibration modes plus lumbar heating will give you instant relief from back, neck, and hip pain. There’s also a wire attached to the remote making sure you don’t lose it.

Being able to support a weight capacity of 330lbs, the Esright massage recliner is great for larger people and pregnant women.

Why it made the list: We recommend getting this recliner as it’s affordable and provides you with many massage modes to relieve back pain. After a long day of work, you can count on this recliner to help you kick back and relax.

2. Homall Single Recliner Chair: Best Affordable Recliner Chairfor Back Pain

Affordable recliner for back pain Homall single recliner chair with thick sponge cushion


  • Suitable for most sizes
  • Modern design with many color choices
  • Wide, curved armrests compared to other recliners
  • Affordable
  • Made with durable faux leather


  • Narrow fitting; may be tight for people with larger hips
  • Firm footrest cushion

Finding a comfortable recliner with a sleek finish, massage function and an affordable price tag may sound too good to be true. Whereas the Homall Single Recliner Chair gives you all this and more.

Made with durable, vegan PU leather, the Homall Single Recliner can last a few years before being subject to any wear and tear. Its wide curved armrests, thick foam padding, and steel frame footrest provides maximum comfort for your back and hips.

It easily reclines to a 180 degree angle and features many resting modes and massage functions. With lumbar massage and heating, you can ensure this recliner will provide you great back relief at an affordable price.

It also has a minimalistic and modern design with 6 different color schemes that could complement your living room well. Alongside the look of the chair, it’s easy to move around your house thanks to its plastic feet which effortlessly attach to the bottom.

Why it made the list: the Homall recliner is the most affordable recliner that gives you exceptional quality for what you pay for. With advance features such as heating and massage modes combined with the stylish design, this chair not only feels good but looks good.

For back pain sufferers, it helps align the spine in its natural position, provide pain relief, and improves muscle resilience.

3. Signature Design by Ashley Yandel – Best Power-lift Recliner for Back Pain

Signature design by Ashley Yandel made with brown faux leather with comfortable vibrating massage features


  • Cozy and durable material with metal frame
  • Soft cushioned back with good height
  • Power-lift functionality makes it easy to get in and out of the chair
  • Includes USB port for charging phone
  • Dual motor action with one button reclining mode


  • No heating and massage features

Sitting down incorrectly or jerking your body when rising from your chair can take a toll on your back. If you have severe back pain, you need a chair that makes it easy for you to get in and out of your seat.

This power-lift recliner makes it easy to rise from your chair due to its lift and tilt functionality. With a press of a button your chair will comfortably lift you off into a standing position without having to pull yourself up.

It is the ideal recliner for disabled and senior people who find it difficult to stand up from their recliner or suffer from back pain. The faux leather also feels very soft and is comfy to relax and recline on.

Why it made the list: The Signature Design by Ashley Yandel power-lift recliner is exceptionally comfortable. Its power-lift function helps you safely rise from your chair preventing back strain. And the soft polyfiber material makes you sink into the chair, making you forget all about your back pain.

4. Flash Furniture Recliner Chair – Best Recliner Chair with Ottoman for Back Pain

Flash furniture recliner chair with ottoman


  • 5 massage modes with different intensities for providing back pain relief
  • Remote with customizable features like setting timers, massage modes, and reclining angle
  • Comes with leather base ottoman to kick up feet
  • Stylish design
  • Soft and durable leather made from SoftLeather upholstery


  • Doesn’t rock
  • Leather starts to scuff after extended use (roughly 3 years)

A classy looking chair made with high-quality material and leather upholstery. The Flash Furniture massage recliner is an excellent chair for back pain. Along with the chair, it comes with an ottoman to relax your feet on when working on your laptop.

With 5 different massage modes and 3 intensity levels this recliner provides you with ultimate comfort for your back, hips, thighs, and legs. It also has controls for heating and a right-side pocket for storing your remote.

This recliner with an ottoman has plush armrests, a 360 swivel motion, and fire-retardant memory foam. These special features provide you with great value for money.

Why it made the list: We recommend getting the Flash Furniture Recliner with Ottoman if you experience back pain while working. With this recliner you can relax your feet up and rest your laptop on your legs while relieving the stress and pain in your lower back muscles.

5. La-Z-Boy Anderson Rocking Recliner – Best Rocking Recliner for Back Pain

Best lazy boy recliner for back pain with rocking motion


  • Nice fashionable design
  • Durable build
  • High, comfy back that supports your neck and back
  • Smooth rocking motion


  • Small size may not suit everyone

The Anderson Rocking recliner is the best La-Z-Boy recliner for back pain. La-Z-Boy is a well-known and reliable brand that’s been making exceptional quality recliners for over 90 years.

Their Anderson rocking recliner features a fashionable design which makes it look great in any room you place. Its polyester fabric with blown fabric filling makes the chair breathable and comfy to relax on. The foam seat cushions are durable and tend to break in quickly, allowing you to comfortably snug into your recliner right out of the box.

By pulling on the lever located in the left side of the recliner you open the footrest. It has 3 locking positions which can be separately adjusted for sitting with your legs lifted. Finally, the recliner has excellent back and lumbar support. It removes the pressure off your spine and relieves back pain from extended sitting.

Why it made the list: La-Z-Boy is a company that specializes in making high-quality recliners. They even use their own patented design for creating the footrest, making each of their recliners stand out in the market. Their Anderson Rocking recliner provides a smooth rocking motion, loosens the back muscles, and suits most body types.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Type of Recliner is Best for Back Pain?

The best type of recliner for back pain is a power-lift recliner with proper lumbar support. A power-lift recliner makes it easy to get up from your chair protecting you from any jerky movements that could strain your back. Having one made from quality material will feel nice to relax on while removing the pressure from your spine and easing the muscles.

Is Sitting in a Recliner Good for Lower Back Pain?

Sitting on a recliner is good for lower back pain as its reclining function allows you to reduce the pressure on your spine.

With less pressure on your spine, you can sit on your recliner for long periods of time without experiencing lower back pain.

What’s the Most Comfortable Recliner in the Market?

Based on our list above, we’d say the most comfortable recliner is the La-Z-Boy Anderson Rocker Recliner.

It’s made with 100% polyester with blown fiber filling which makes the material breathable and allows you to comfortably sit in your chair. With a good elevation angle of your feet, it can improve blood flow, ease up your muscles and remove all that stress from work.

What Recliners Do Chiropractors Recommend?

Chiropractors recommend the Stressless Recliner made by Ekornes, a Scandinavian furniture brand. It’s the only brand endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association due to the comfort and support it provides.

Can Sitting in a Recliner Cause Back Pain?

Sitting in a recliner prevents back pain due to the features and functionality it offers. A recliner can reduce pressure on the spine and keep it aligned straight while easing muscle tightness.

But, recliners can be a cause of back pain if they don’t have proper lumbar support or if you sit on it for very long periods (8-12 hours a day.)

Is Sleeping in a Recliner Good for Lower Back Pain?

Sleeping in a recliner can give you back pain relief as well as improve blood circulation in the legs. But, sleeping in a recliner is generally bad for you as the body is in an upright position for a long period of time. This can cause stiff joints, breathing issues, poor quality sleep, and muscle tightness increasing the risk of falling.

If you want to sleep on a recliner for lower back pain, we’d suggest taking a short nap of 15-30 minutes and then dozing off to bed for a good night’s rest.

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