10 Types of Recliners You Should Know About

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If you’ve thought about buying a recliner, you’d know how overwhelming it can be.

With so many different types of recliners, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you.

Buying a recliner is usually a long-term investment that’s why you need something that suits your exact needs and lasts a long time.

In this post, we’ll discuss the 10 types of recliners you should know about when looking for a recliner.

10 Most Common Types of Recliners to Know About

different types of recliners
Different types of recliners

Recliners are one of the most customizable pieces of furniture which is why you’d often come across a range of options when searching for one.

Although there are many recliner types, you can even order a custom recliner that is tailored to your needs.

But, many people choose one of the below-discussed recliners.

1. Lever Recliner

manual recliner with lever handle

Manual lever recliners are the most common and iconic pieces of furniture to have in your home.

It has a wooden or plastic lever attached to the side of the chair which you pull on to open the foot rest and recline the back.

This type of recliner is a budget-friendly option due to its simple but classical design and provides you with the well-needed comfort after a long tiring day of work.

2. Latch Recliner

latch recliner with pull handle

A latch recliner also known as a pull handle recliner is an updated version of the lever recliner.

Rather than a lever it has a small handle-like latch attached to the side which you pull to kick open the footrest. The backrest is reclined by using some force by pushing into it.

To close the footrest you would need to push your feet against the footrest until it locks in position.

These recliners are great for those who want a manual recliner but don’t want to stretch down every time to pull on the lever. Its simple yet convenient pull handle makes it easier to open the footrest and provides a bit of style to the chair.

Just like other manual recliners, latch recliners are also available in a range of budget options.

3. Power Recliner

electric power recliner

Power recliners include a motor to recline the chair at the touch of a button. Its motors are responsible for the reclining function and require the chair to be plugged into a power source.

These recliners have a lot of variety when it comes to functionality and style.

Many modern power recliners have the option to add massaging, heating, and vibration modes, touch screen panels, and dual-motor functionality for added reclining positions.

Power recliners are great for seniors and disabled people. It also works great for anyone who wants to move away from the manual recliner and wants to recline comfortably with the push of a button.

If you’re stuck on choosing between a power and manual recliner, you can check out our in-depth comparison between manual and power recliners to help you choose the best of the two.

4. Power-lift Recliner

power lift recliner

Power-lift recliner also known as a lift recliner has the function to raise the person to a standing position with the push of a button.

This recliner is an upgraded version of the power recliner. It’s great for anyone who finds it hard to get in and out of their chair.

It uses electric motors to lift up the chair and slightly tilt it so that the person ends up in a standing position.

These recliners are ideal for older folks, disabled people, and pregnant women who may struggle to get out of their chair comfortably.

Power-lift recliners also prevent back pain by reducing the risk of back strain that could occur from jerking out of your chair too quickly or suddenly.

5. Wall Hugger Recliner

wall hugger recliner

A wall hugger recliner or wall recliner is a special type of recliner designed for tight spaces with its back resting against the wall.

Wall hugger recliners don’t take up a lot of room when reclined as they have a sliding track function which slides the seat forward, tilts the back, and opens the footrest.

Since the chair slides forward before reclining, it doesn’t hit the back of the wall, which means you wouldn’t need much space behind the recliner.

These recliners are a good choice for people who have a specific aesthetic for their living room, not enough room to fit in a regular recliner, or don’t want the back of their recliner visible.

If you’re planning on placing your recliner against a wall, go for the wall hugger recliner to make sure it works properly and doesn’t take up extra space.

6. Push-Back Recliner

push-back recliner

A push-back recliner is a unique type of recliner with a glider mechanism.

Just like the wall hugger recliner, the push-back uses a sliding track function but they aren’t designed to be placed against a wall.

Instead, push-back recliners focus on providing a stylish aesthetic to your living room and work as a regular recliner with a sliding track.

This type of recliner looks and works great for a living room as it looks like a stylish modern armchair when not reclined.

Its sleek, trendy, and stylish design makes it a great fit for design enthusiasts while driving the same comfort as any other recliner.

7. Rocker Recliner

lazy boy rocker recliner

A rocking or rocker recliner is a type of rocking armchair that slightly moves back and forth when not reclined. When you’re tired of rocking you can pull on the side latch to recline it as any other type of recliner.

Rocking recliners are great for people who want to have a chair that functions as a rocking chair and can recline to relax and kick up their feet.

This kind of recliner is also ideal for nurseries where you’d hold your child and sit on the chair rocking them to sleep.

8. Glider Recliner

glider recliner

A glider recliner is the same as a rocker recliner with the only difference being that it rocks using a track rather than an arc.

Glider recliners offer a different range of motion than rocker recliners as they move side-by-side with a swivel motion whereas rocker recliners move front and back.

Just like the rocker recliner, this type of recliner is great for nurseries to put a baby comfortably to sleep.

9. Swivel Recliner

Swivel recliner type

Swivel recliners offer a broad range of motion and are perfect for moving around your chair when sitting down.

A swivel recliner rests on a circular stand which enables it to rotate 360-degree giving you smooth swivel action.

If you want to be able to freely move around your recliner, then consider getting a swivel recliner. They fit in great in a living room where you’re expecting a lot of conversation with friends and family or a comfy home office.

10. Zero Gravity Recliner

Zero gravity recliner chair

Originally designed by NASA, a zero gravity chair or recliner gives you a “free-floating” experience due to its unique zero gravity mechanism.

The unique mechanism of zero gravity recliners allow you to recline in a way that ideally distributes weight to improve blood circulation and joint/muscle pain.

They have different reclining angles, from upright to an almost weightless reclining position hence the name, “zero gravity.”

Zero gravity recliners are mostly beneficial to people who sit upright for long periods. Since it reclines to a zero gravity position, it helps reduce pressure on your spine, hips, and legs preventing back pain, mobility issues, and leg stiffness.

How to Choose the Right Recliner for You?

Now that you know the types of recliners available to you, it’s time to make a choice to buy the ideal recliner.

To find a recliner that’s suitable to you, you’ll need to look into a few factors.

First, you’ll need to decide whether you want a manual recliner or an electrically-operated power recliner.

Next, you should look for what you need from a recliner and how you plan on using it.

If you’re looking at a recliner for a nursery or just to wind down and relax, a rocking recliner is great due to its peaceful rocking motion.

If you’re going for style, the push-back and wall hugger recliners are a great choice to blend with the aesthetic of your home.

Finally, if you don’t have any specific needs and just want a good recliner to sit on when you come home from a tiring day of work, you can do no wrong with the classic lever recliner.

Since it mostly comes down to your specific needs and personal preferences, the “perfect” recliner might vary from person to person.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some common questions people ask about types of recliners.

What Are Two Person Recliners Called?

Two person recliners are called a loveseat recliner. It also has other names such as a recliner sofa, loveseat sofa, and a reclining settee.

What Are the Different Kinds of Recliners?

  • Lever recliners
  • Latch recliners
  • Power recliners
  • Power-lift recliners
  • Wall hugger recliners
  • Push-back recliners
  • Rocking recliners
  • Glider recliners
  • Swivel recliners
  • Zero gravity recliners

What Type of Recliner is Best?

Lever recliners are generally the most common types of recliners. However, the best recliner varies for each individual as it depends on personal needs and preferences.

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