What is a Power Recliner? Features and Benefits

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If you’ve been in the market for a recliner you might’ve gone through a lot of options.

Recliners are highly customizable and when it comes to finding a recliner chair with advanced functionality, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of a power recliner.

A power recliner used to be limited for certain uses like a barber who reclines his customer’s head to wash their hair.

This was mostly due to their expensive price tag. But, now with thousands of power recliners being produced every year, there’s a lower price tag making it many people’s go-to home furniture items to relax in.

In this post, we’ll talk about power recliners and discuss their features and benefits to help you choose between a power and manual recliner.

What is a Power Recliner?

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A power recliner is a recliner that includes an electric motor to recline the chair with the press of a button. To work, they’re plugged into a power outlet which is why they may also be known as electric recliners.

Power recliners are great for people with limited mobility. Seniors, disabled people, and pregnant women can all benefit from getting a power recliner to easily get in and out of their comfy chair.

Thanks to the button control, these recliners don’t require any force to pull open the footrest and push back the headrest. That’s great for someone who has weak arm or leg muscles.

Features of a Power Recliner

A power recliner has many features that makes it one of the best recliners to buy for your home.

Adjustable Head & Footrest

Power recliners are incredibly versatile armchairs. Thanks to its electric motor you can adjust the head and footrest in multiple reclining angles, allowing you to find a comfortable position.

Some recliners also come with dual motors which allow you to adjust the head and footrest separately. This gives you endless options to recline your chair in whichever way you want.

Power Lift Capabilities

A huge plus point of power recliners is that most of them have a “power lift” function.

Power lift recliners also known as lift chairs have the ability to move upwards and lift a person off their feet to a standing position. This allows you to easily stand up from your chair with the push of a button.

Heating and Massage Functions

For those of you that want the most sensational experience, power recliners also come with added massage and heating functions.

Getting in a massage recliner after a long day of work can help loosen up your muscles and stiff joints.

Also with the heating turned on you can snuggle up in your cozy recliner in the winter weather and help relieve any back pain.

Programmable Memory

Power recliners are getting more advanced by every passing day. Some of the latest models include programmable memory which records your last reclining position allowing you to comfortably move to the best angle.

If you always have trouble trying to find that “sweet spot” with your old recliner, a power recliner with programmable memory can be super convenient.

Additional Features

Since a power recliner is operated on electricity it can come with a variety of other additional features that can enhance your experience.

Some power recliners come with built-in USB ports and wireless charging docks – enabling you to charge your devices without leaving your comfy seat.

Benefits of Using a Power Recliner

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The above described features give a lot of benefits to people; which we discuss below.

Range of Reclining Positions

Compared to manual recliners who have a limited recline, power recliners can adjust to any angle you like.

Dual motor recliners take it a step further by giving you endless combinations as you can separately control the head and backrest

Since people vary in size, not everyone would feel comfortable reclining at the same angle. With a power recliner you can adjust the recliner to your liking – to recline it in a position that suits your body best.

Reduced Risk of Back Problems

Sitting in a recliner improperly for long periods of time can cause bad back pain.

However with power recliners, you can even take a peaceful nap in it. These recliners come with a variety of features which all contribute to back pain relief and help you recline without putting much strain on your back.

Although it’s necessary you have a recliner with lumbar support to prevent back pain, the power lift feature can help prevent back strain caused by jerking out of your chair as it easily lifts you up to a standing position.

Since the recliner has many reclining positions, you can adjust it to align properly with your head, neck, hips, and spine. Also, the heating and massage features provide added relief to your back pain.

Ideal Chair for Disabled and Seniors

If you’ve sustained an injury on your foot or just came back from back surgery, having a power recliner can be a huge relief.

A power recliner makes sitting and getting out of your chair really easy. This makes it a good chair for anyone who has limited mobility such as people who recently had surgery, pregnant women, people with injuries, and seniors who may have difficulty in getting in and out of their chair.

Built-in Charging & USB Ports

Modern power reclining models also come with built-in charging docks or USB ports which allow you to kick back and enjoy TV while your other devices are on your charging.

This enables you to not have to leave your seat to charge your phone. Another benefit of this is that if you don’t have a spare outlet in your living room – you have one now! Just plug it in your recliner and it’ll start charging your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Power Recliners Have to Be Plugged In?

Yes, power recliners use electricity to run the motor which controls the reclining function, so they have to be plugged in to work.

Can You Use a Power Recliner Manually?

No, a power recliner cannot be used manually as its reclining function is only controlled by the remote/touch screen buttons.

What’s the Difference Between a Power Recliner and a Lift Chair?

A power recliner is an electrically operated recliner which reclines using motors. Lift chairs are also a type of electric recliner which have a power lift feature which lifts the chair up and brings the person to a standing position.

Do Electric Recliners Use Much Electricity?

Electric recliners use around 14W to 58W depending on its usage. On standby, it uses 14W whereas if you’re actively reclining on it, then it consumes more. This also varies depending on the type of recliner as some of them might be better at saving energy than others.

Do Power Recliners Last Long?

A high-quality power recliner can last about 10-20 years with good care and maintenance. This can widely vary depending on how often you use it and who sits on it e.g. with kids and pets playing around the recliner – it may be subject to some wear and tear after a few years.

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